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    The Speedway Special
    A sensational '40s - era deuce roadster from indy's 'gasoline alley'

    March 2006 -Street Rodder

    Whenever Steve Moal and Eric Zausner team up, you can be assured the result will be an exceptional car. This time Steve showed Eric a sketch of a '32 Ford coupe, with a Miller race car grille. Eric admired it, but had a suggestion: "That coupe's grille fights the flat windshield, but a DuVall split windshield on a roadster would work very well. Why don't we just build one?"

    Hall of Fame
    Profile: Steve Moal

    January 2005 -Street Rodder

    Steve Moal occupies an envied position in the rod and custom world: the top. To many his work is an infusion of fresh ideas into an industry whose canvases ceased production decades ago. It's when one gets to know Steve Moal that one realizes that he's not reinventing the way we think about Fords and Chevrolets; he's reinventing the way we think about hot rods and customs.

    Spaghetti Bender

    Sept 2004 -Street Rodder

    Eric Zausner's Ferrari 12C 5.5 TS Torpedo roadster polarizes hot rodders. You either love it or you hate it, but you sure can't ignore it. Is it a hot rod or a sports car? Now that it's in Street Rodder, I'm arguing for the defense. Street Rodder editor, Brian Brennan calls it "�a sports rod," insisting, "�we believe these types of cars will be another spoke in the steet rodding wheel.

    The Italian Job

    October 2002 -Automobile Magazine

    "A hot rod with Ferrari power. Is this the car we dreamed about in study hall? Steve Moal says, "We discussed the design, and I thought that all of the earliest roadsters came about when a handful of guys in Southern California decided to collect a bunch of Ford parts and build something sleeker and faster than the stock Ford roadsters of that time. Then I thought, 'What if a bunch of guys in Maranello decided to build a roadster?' From then on, whenever a question came up, we always went back to Ferrari." "

    When Worlds Collide

    May 13 2002 -Autoweek

    Eric Zausner's Torpedo is a genetic blend of classic Ferrari and quintessential hot rod. Is there more to it than that? "We weren't trying to create something old, we were trying to create something old and new." Steve Moal

    GUDGZ 29 - Gary Meadors' '29 Driver

    April 2001 -Street Rodder

    Gary's connection to his past, chiefly his love of Sprint Car racing, is what drove him to build his latest addition to his car stable. Having a neighbor such as metalcrafter Steve Moal (who Gary has known since his earliest Bay Area days) made the choice of builder easy. Meadors had seen what Moal did with his black "California V-8 Special" (see Street Rodder Jul. '96) and the larger, second version he had built (see Street rodder Jul. '99) for TV/movie funnyman Tim Allen. (Gary even had Moal make up a copy of the track nose off of Allen's carefully painted with a chromed grille--for Meadors to hang in his Goodguys office.)

    Ramblin' and Lopin

    July 1999 -Street Rodder

    Ramblin' and lopin' like a big V-8 muscle machine chuggin' down Detroit's Woodward Avenue, the Tool Time thespian, who just finished an eight year run of Home Improvement, charges his motoring memories with short throttle bursts of enthusiasm and exacting memories of cars and more cars

    A Complex matter of Simplicity

    May 1999 -Street Rodder

    "RRR Special" "Other car builders just don't use this system," explains Steve Moal as he describes the seemingly simple process of "hemming on," or affixing, a very light, sculpted aluminum body skin to a mild steel, tubular matrix or framework. This process derived from European coachbuilding practices perfected in the '30s by the Italian Touring works, and so named superleggera, or "superlight," is just one of the unique processes Moal has employed in the construction of a handbuilt, racy, rakish "RRR" roadster for TV film star and avowed motoring maniac Tim Allen."

    Cover Only

    March 8-14 1999 -Autoweek

    An Excercise in Therapy

    June 1997 -VQ Number 14

    "A dazzler at ground zero"

    Now and Then

    Number 16 -The Rodders Journal

    A wonderful side-by-side look at an original hot rod icon and its present-day offspring. The Meadors roadster was never meant to be a Flint clone, but is unabashedly influenced by its predecessor. With Chip Foose and Steve Moal as collaborators, Gary's roadster was planned and constructed inside of two years.

    The Moal Special

    Number 5 -The Rodders Journal

    A gleaming example of the metalcrafter's art. Starting with a 100-inch wheelbase and a full-size profile sketch, Steve Moal and a couple of crew members hand-fabricated nearly everything other than the front and rear axles of this amazing roadster.

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