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  TLC - Rides Season I "The Road to Riddler"
View Gallery Episode: Road to Riddler
- First aired: Tue, March 16, 2004

Episode Information

After a weekend of starring, squinting, studying and surveying, the judges narrow it down to half-a-dozen plus two, known as "The Great Eight." These are the finalists going for the most coveted trophy in all of hot rodding, The Riddler.

We'll follow four cars being built and uncover what it took to attain perfection. Once we're at this celebrity-packed auto show, we'll get to know the judges and their criteria, seeing that at this level, it might just take a dentist's mirror to determine the difference between victory and maybe next year.

Questions have already popped up regarding the forthcoming competition; can Chip Foose possibly win an unprecedented three years in a row?

And what about the buzz around this year's entry by a 29-year-old whiz who's putting together a '32 Roadster with a Mercedes Motor?

The competition will also include four generations of knowledge within the Moal family as they build a slightly over-engineered roadster, and Leonard Lopez, a shade tree mechanic's idol.

We'll reveal who the big winners are.

More information on Rides can be found on the TLC website here.