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Steve Moal's grandfather William, a skilled wheelwright, emigrated from France just after the turn of the century and began outfitting horse-drawn wagons with hand-crafted bodies and wheels. By 1911 Moal's Auto Metal Works was doing a wide spectrum of coachwork and repairs and in the '20s, he began applying his skills to race cars and showcase speedsters. The tradition moved forward in the '40s when George Moal, Steve's father, founded a body and fender business on the current site of these modern works. George Moal was a skilled craftsman who fashioned bold instrument gauges, elegant wooden steering wheels and sleek, aerodynamic aluminum cowls and fins for high performance speedboats. Moal's was also a regular gathering place for race car drivers, hot rodders and painters like the legendary Tommy the Greek.

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Today the Moal family, Steve and Theresa and sons Michael and David, carries the tradition forward with a totally new approach to the creation, design, engineering, fabrication, machining and assembly of custom coachcraft vehicles for discerning motoring enthusiasts.
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