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  TLC - Rides Season I "The Moal"
At the Moal Shop "Rides Season I" on TLC
Episode: The Moal - First aired: Tue, March 2, 2004

Moal Inc. Was featured in Season I of the hit series "Rides" which aired on TLC Network. Blaze across the country in search of ultimate tricked out dream machines and their makers. Featuring interviews with project car owners, like Tim Allen, and more.

Episode Information:

This is a family. They build custom cars. Steve Moal and his two sons create hot rods in a garage that was started by Steve's grandfather. That grandfather built a truck in 1929 that today is still the shop truck.

With clients that include TV star and hot rodder Tim Allen, the Moals are at the top of the custom-world food chain. We will watch them build an all-aluminum Boattail with a GT 40 Cobra power plant. It has to be done in time for the L.A. Auto Show ... or else.

Steve is also working on a classic hot rod; he'll put a 600 HP Ferrari engine under its hood. Tim Allen may stop by the Moals', as well motorcycle phenom Arlen Ness. Arlen is not only the Moals' neighbor, he's also one of the true stars in the biker world � bigger than Jesse James when it comes to the Harley crowd.

With friends like Tim Allen and Arlen Ness, along with all the family ties that work together within their garage, the Moals offer viewers a look at the pop-culture aspect of hot rods, as well as the link that can exist from one hot rod-building generation to the next.

More information on Rides can be found on the TLC website here.